St. John: Coral Bay Dining Guide

St. John: Coral Bay Dining Guide

Coral Bay is perhaps the most “away” place you’ll find in the USVI. Though you may feel like you’ve found the end of the earth, you’re certainly not alone, and those that have settled in on this perfect little escape have brought the good food and Caribbean hospitality to keep the island vibes going even in the “middle of nowhere”. Let me be your guide to those perfect island dining moments on your getaway:

Breakfast- Breakfast Fare, Brunch With A View

Cafe Concordia (Sunday Brunch)

Miss Lucy’s (Sunday Brunch)

Chateau Bordeaux

Lunch, Dinner, or an Island Experience

Angel’s Rest Floating Bar- Drinks in the Caribbean Sea

Aqua Bistro- (L,D) American, Mediterranean, Caribbean

Cafe Concordia- (D) International Fusion

Chateau Bordeaux- (L) Caribbean

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis- (D) Southern Comfort

Dolphin Market- Market, Provisions

Ekaete Pink Corner- (L,D) Caribbean

Indigo Grill- (D) International Fusion

Miss Lucy’s- (L,D) Caribbean

Pickles in Paradise- (L) Sandwiches, Lighter Fare (Dinner on Wednesdays)

Shipwreck Landing- (L,D) Seafood, Steak, Burgers

Skinny Legs- (L,D) Island Bar & Grill

Sweet Plantains- (D) British, Caribbean

The Tourist Trap- (L,D) Island Bar & Grill

Vie’s Snack Shack- (L) Caribbean

Whether you’re visiting for the day or thinking you might stay, there’s nothing quite like a meal in Coral Bay, and it’s definitely part of the charm and unique experience of this little island community. Escape everyday life and indulge in the island: more sun, more relaxation, more adventure, and more great food!

Escape & Indulge!


A local dining guide to Coral Bay in St. John, USVI. Discover the many dining experiences in St. John and the unique restaurants located in Coral Bay.
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